Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Business Trip

6 February 2014

Traveling for business can be exciting, but it doesn't always leave you with enough time to really experience the city you’re visiting. However, your business trips don’t have to be all work with no play! With these few simple tips, you can fulfill your work obligations while still enjoying the sights and sounds of your host city.

Understand the expectations of your trip.

Communication is the key to any good planning. Ask about your employer’s or client’s expectations and wishes for your visit. Would they like to have dinner with you? Is transportation from the hotel to the office provided? These answers will help you better plan your personal time during your business trip.

Plan your work and personal time.

Once you've gathered all of the important details of your trip, you can start to plan both your work and personal time. Before you depart for your destination, research some potential local attractions, popular neighborhoods, and shopping districts that you think you would like to visit. You’re often short on time during a business excursion, and planning things in advance will prevent you from losing a few hours building a travel itinerary. For example, if you know your company or client is providing you with daily transportation to and from the office, ask to be dropped off at a museum or restaurant within walking distance of your hotel one evening.

Pack for a vacation.

You’re more likely to dismiss an early morning walk on the beach before heading to the office if you brought only business attire with you. Pack a pair of comfortable shoes, a bathing suit, and your camera to help you clock out of business hours and truly enjoy being a visitor in a new city. You might even be able to squeeze in nine holes before you head back to the airport, so don’t forget your golf shoes!

Be social.

Be friendly and social when you are at your business destination, whether it’s your client’s office, a conference, or another office in your company. Asking your peers what they like to do in the area is a great conversation starter that also gives you valuable information about the area. Fight your jet lag by accepting any offers from your coworkers or clients to go out after work. They know the best places to go around town, and you’ll be sure to experience some fun while on your business adventure.

Don’t spend all of your free time during your business trips channel-surfing in your hotel room! Even with a busy schedule, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy your destination while traveling for business. They say you should work hard and play harder, and with a little research and planning you are bound to accomplish that task on your next business trip.

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How do you make time for exploration when traveling to a new city for business?

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