Golden Rules for a Good Trip

by Country Inns & Suites
Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday!  Read on for helpful hints on how to stay sane on the road!

Happy trails!

Traveling can be stressful and can be made worse when you have to deal with other travelers who are also stressed. The key to making any trip better—for yourself and your fellow travelers—is to remember that you are not alone.

Whether you’re stranded in an airport, stuck on a long flight, or staying in a full-to-capacity hotel, keeping your cool and using the Golden Rule is essential. Remember, it’s easier to be treated well if you treat others the same.

 In the spirit of great hospitality, Country Inns & Suites By Carlson offers these tips on making travel a better experience for everyone.

 In the air

  • Carrying-on: If you can’t lift it, check it. With a true carry-on, try to stow it in the general vicinity of your seat. Don’t insist that the overhead bin directly above your seat is yours. As long as your bag is close by, you’ll be able to retrieve it with minimal intrusion on other passengers. Carry on valuables, one set of clothes and important medicines, but be sure to follow TSA rules on liquids.
  • Look before you lean: One of air passengers’ biggest pet peeves is having the person in front suddenly shove the seat back. This causes spilled drinks, flying laptops and a great deal of ill will from the person getting squashed. If you really need to recline your seat, politely let the person behind you know.
  • Armrest wrestling: To make sure everyone has at least a little arm support, the passengers in the window seat and aisle seat should each get one outside armrest and the passenger in the middle seat gets access to both of the middle ones.

 At the hotel

  • Check it out at check-in: As soon as you get into your room, check to see whether you need more pillows, towels, blankets, etc. If you do, call housekeeping right away. If there are any issues with your room, contact guest services immediately. Calling late at night when there is a reduced staff may cause delays.
  • Disturbing the peace: If you arrive late at night or leave early in the morning, be considerate of those still sleeping. If there is a disturbance late at night, don’t try to straighten it out yourself. Call the front desk.
  • Booking a hotel with a fitness room and pool for exercise helps alleviate stress and promotes a good night’s sleep. Just make sure you apply the golden rule and limit your time on equipment like a treadmill, or workout at times when room is less used. 

 It doesn’t take much – a little courtesy toward your fellow stressed-out travelers can go a long way toward making the journey better for everyone.