How to Entertain Kids in the Car with a Baking Sheet

by Country Inns & Suites
Friday, August 30, 2013

Whether you’re taking an hour car ride to grandma’s house or an eight hour road trip to Disney, keeping children entertained in the car can be a bit of a challenge. With just a little preparation and cost, you can turn a baking sheet into a handy activity center that is perfect for the car. Try out these four fun ideas:

1. Magnetic Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to keep little fingers busy, but it would normally be a difficult task in the car with so many individual pieces. A baking sheet is the perfect solution. Select a puzzle that will fit the sheet with plenty of room to spare, and glue magnets to the back of each puzzle piece. Once dry, randomly place the pieces on the baking sheet. Not only does it provide a flat surface for the car ride, but now your children won’t lose any pieces while they’re putting the puzzle together.

Baking sheet activity - puzzle

2. Coloring in the Car Made Easy

Transfer a box of crayons into an old baby wipe or cotton swab container, and glue a couple of magnets to the bottom so it will stick firmly to the baking sheet in the car. Pack some fun coloring book pages or craft paper and secure them to the cookie sheet with a few extra magnets or magnetic clips.

Coloring in the car

3. Anytime Snack Time

Snack time doesn’t have to be a messy production. Put snacks in a craft container that has multiple sections and snap lids for easy access and mess-free snacking. For example, a five section container could have raisins, nuts, dry cereal, dried fruit, and bite-sized crackers, each in their own section. When snack time rolls around, place the snack container on top of the baking sheet so the sheet will catch any crumbs. Clean-up will be a breeze; simply close the container and dump any leftovers on the baking sheet into the trash during your next stop.

4. Travel Lessons

A road trip is a terrific time for fun learning. Purchase a mini white board and attach magnetic strips to the back so your child can put it on the baking sheet for some travel-themed lessons. Here are some fun questions you can ask your little student:

  • Can you spell [your city or state destination]?
  • We are passing through [name a few cities or states], so how many [cities or states] are we traveling though in total? Your child can even use number magnets to help them with the answer.
  • It takes 3 hours to get to our destination and 3 hours to get back home, so how many hours are we driving all together?
  • What color car do you see out the window? Can you spell that color?

Baking sheet activity - whiteboard


We hope these activities will greatly reduce the chants of, “Are we there yet?” during your next car trip. Have a safe trip and we look forward to greeting you and your family with freshly baked cookies upon arriving at a Country Inns & Suites By Carlson hotel.

What activities keep your kids entertained during long road trips?