Five Fun Ways to Use Your Vacation Photos

by Country Inns & Suites
Monday, August 4, 2014

One of the most common things people do while on vacation is take a ton of photos! Capturing all the important moments, amazing attractions, and unique scenery is often a huge part of your trip. So, what do you do with all those photos once you get home? Here are some fun and unique ways to make sure your vacation photos make it off your computer so they can be enjoyed every day:

1. Personalized Calendars

Enjoy your photos all year round with a personalized calendar. You can upload your travel photos to several different sites, such as Shutterfly, to design a variety of unique desk, wall, and poster calendars. A monthly calendar complete with birthday and anniversary reminders is a great holiday or birthday gift for friends and family members.

2. Photo Books

Use your pictures to tell a story! Photo books are a unique and gorgeous way to show off your travels. Companies like Snapfish provide an easy way to upload and design this fun project. Once finished, we bet that your vacation photo book will become your family’s new favorite coffee table book.

kids looking at a picture book

3. Greeting Cards

Who needs department store greeting cards when you can make your own? Turn your travel photos into personalized holiday cards, party invitations, and other stationary. Many sites allow you to upload your photo and add a variety of design elements and text for an extra-special touch.

4. Insta Prints

Do you love using Instagram while you travel? This camera app offers the convenience of taking photos with your phone and adds the functionality of fun filters. The combination allows you to take stunning shots at a moment’s notice. Once you return home, use Printstagram to transfer your digital masterpieces into a variety of unique prints. You can design business cards, photo strips, buttons, and more!

CountryInns on Instagram

5. Custom Phone Case

Get the most out of your photos by creating a custom phone case because you know that you’ll never leave home without it! Zazzle, Custom Case Mate, and other sites offer a variety of cases to meet your needs and several different templates to show off your travel photography skills.

Don’t let your travel photos collect virtual dust on your computer! Turn them into something special that you and your family will enjoy long after the vacation has passed. Don’t forget to share your photos with Country Inns & Suites by Carlson on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!