Five Fun Tailgating Activities for Kids

by Country Inns & Suites
Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tailgating is always a fun event for adults. It’s a time to feast on great food and get excited for the big game with friends and family. With just a little bit of planning, you can make sure the little tailgaters have an equally exciting time. With these five kid-friendly tailgating activities, your party is sure to be a winner!

1. Decorating for the Tailgate

Get the children involved in setting up your tailgating area. Give them simple and fun projects, like decorating the car or tables with streamers and balloons. Bring sugar cookies or cupcakes and pack sprinkles and icing for the kids to decorate in your team’s colors. Don’t forget to bring face paint or temporary team tattoos to complete the experience!

Face Painting

2. Pee Wee Games

Pack a pigskin if you’re attending a football game or bring a stick and puck if you’re tailgating before a hockey game. Use sidewalk chalk to outline the perimeters so your little linebackers don’t run into another party’s area! Before the game, ask each child which professional player they would like to pretend to be. Place a strip of three-inch masking tape high on the back of their shirt and write in their selected player’s name. You’ll have them ready for a tailgate fantasy league in no time!

3. Set up a Kids Zone

Set the kids up with their own folding table and chairs, complete with a cooler of snacks and drinks just for them. Be sure to stack the table with plenty of playing cards, board games, and coloring or drawing activities to keep them entertained throughout the afternoon.

4. Tailgating Games

Youngsters can also enjoy classic tailgating games like bean bag toss and ladder ball. For extra fun and competition, purchase some inexpensive prizes before your tailgate that can be handed out to the winners of each game.

bean bag toss

5. Watch a Sports Movie

If the children start to get a little restless after a couple of hours, you can set up a comfortable area in the car or at their Kids Zone table and let them watch a movie on a portable DVD player, laptop, or tablet. A kid-friendly sports movie would be a great choice, and it would get them excited for the upcoming game!

Rooting for your favorite team with a pre-game parking lot party is a fun way to bring the whole family together. We hope these tips will help keep your little ones happily entertained. Go team!