Making the Most of Your Time

by Country Inns & Suites
Friday, January 28, 2011

What’s your most valuable tool on the road? A full cell phone battery? Comfortable shoes? I’m going to guess that somewhere on that list is time. Between flight departures and hotel check-ins, your schedule needs careful planning to ensure you’re getting things done (and that you don’t push yourself too hard!) We can’t make more time for you, but we have a few tips on being more productive while finding a little time for yourself while on the road:

On an Airplane

Working on a plane means thinking ahead, but more importantly, it means you’ve got to get your mind set on the task at hand. Learn how on

Stuck in an Airport

Delayed flights are a downer for a business traveler, but a small power strip in your carry-on can keep you moving during unplanned layovers. More at eHow:

Changing Your Reservations

When life does throw you a curve ball, we understand that even the best-laid plans can change last-minute. Reach out to any Country Inns & Suites hotel with a travel change by accessing your reservation at