9 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Road

by Country Inns & Suites
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Travel writer Beth D’Addono developed this post on behalf of Country Inns & Suites and has been compensated for her contribution.

Healthy eating on the road can be an important part of your commitment to healthy habits.

Staying in shape and eating right is hard enough when you’re home. Add in the road warrior’s diet of client entertaining, airport fast food and snacking on the run, and you can be in trouble. But with a little forethought, mindful eating while you travel can support your commitment to healthy habits.

  • Start your day right. A breakfast high in protein and healthy complex carbs will give you needed energy and derail your urge to snack. The Country Inns & Suites by CarlsonSM Be Our Guest breakfast offers a rotating menu of hot meal options, including eggs and breakfast burritos, served alongside oatmeal, fresh fruit and build-your-own breakfast parfaits.
  • Light snacks. Keep easy-to-pack healthy snacks with you at all times. This can include dried fruits, nuts, seeds, trail mix, protein bars and protein powder that mixes easily into skim milk for a quick pick me up.
  • Think lean protein and veg. Your regular routine is interrupted, so give your body a break by choosing easy-to-digest foods that still fill you up. Non-cream based soups are always a good idea, from hearty bean or lentil to miso or chicken. A meal of lean protein like chicken, turkey and fish, along with vegetables and a salad, works great for lunch or dinner.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water not only counteracts the effects of flying, it keeps you feeling full and balanced.
  • Lunch is big. If you can, make lunch your biggest meal of the day, when you are the most active. Your metabolism will do the rest.
  • Your car is not a calorie- and fat-free zone. Sometimes dashboard dining can’t be helped—but remember that every mouthful counts. Stop at farmers markets or grocery stores when possible for fruit and portioned healthy snacks. If you must use the drive-through, the broiled chicken sandwich is almost always better than the double cheeseburger. And don’t supersize—skip the fries and soda.
  • Choose entrées wisely. When entertaining clients at a swanky restaurant, skip the bread and fried food in favor of a vegetarian option or an entrée salad. Many restaurants offer tapas-style or small-plate menu items. Ordering two appetizers or a salad and an app is a good way to go. And for dessert, remember that a few bites of dark chocolate are good for you!
  • Work it out. Take the time to visit the complimentary fitness center at your Country Inns & Suites hotel. You don’t need an hour to make your efforts count. Fitness experts are pushing for shorter, higher-intensity workouts to help you jump-start your metabolism and stay in shape.

By tweaking just a few of your regular habits, your time on the road can actually be good for your health!