2013 Travel Resolutions

by Country Inns & Suites
Thursday, January 3, 2013

pencil and paper

We’re three days into the year of 2013 – have you decided what your resolutions for the year will be? If you love traveling and haven’t yet nailed down your resolutions for the year, we’ve got some ideas to start your list!

 1. Join Club CarlsonSM

Have you joined Club Carlson, Carlson Rezidor’s global rewards program? If not, this is a resolution that’s easy to accomplish! Joining is free and easy, and you can start redeeming your Gold Points for award nights starting at just 9,000 points!

 2. Cross off an item on your travel bucket list

We all have that list of places we’d love to visit someday but never actually plan a trip to visit. This year, make a resolution to plan a vacation to one of your “bucket list” destinations – and cross it off your list when you do!

 3. Travel “outside the box”

This year, plan a vacation that you wouldn’t normally take. Are you a city dweller? Plan to visit one of our many great national parks, take in the charm of a small town, or get a history lesson at one of the many popular historic sites or national monuments. If you usually stick to low-key, laid-back vacations, take a trip to a big city to experience the fast-paced lifestyle for a few days!

 4. Pack more efficiently

Packing is often one of the most dreaded aspects of vacation. This year, make a resolution to take the stress out of packing. Make a packing list well in advance to ensure that you don’t forget anything, and mark off any items that you don’t really need. When it comes time to pack, take advantage of all of the space in your suitcase by packing smaller items inside of larger ones or in crevices, such as tucking belts and socks inside your shoes!

 5. Become a better travel planner

Forget your passport or get your flight time wrong? While it’s not possible to avoid all travel mishaps, creating a detailed travel plan can help keep them to a minimum. There are many travel planning apps available for smartphones that you can input your flight and hotel details into, as well as your travel itinerary. Having these details in one location instead of on several different tickets and printouts will help you be more organized.


Do you have a travel resolution for 2013? Tell us in the comments section!