Read an Excerpt from Lee Child’s “Never Go Back”

by Country Inns & Suites
Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do you love a good mystery novel or thriller? Are you a fan of best-selling author Lee Child? If so, we have a treat for you! We’re so excited to be able to offer an excerpt from the first three chapters of Never Go Back, Child’s latest novel in the Jack Reacher series and a #1 New York Times bestseller. Check out the excerpt below!

Eventually they put Reacher in a car and drove him to a motel a mile away, where the night clerk gave him a room, which had all the features Reacher expected, because he had seen such rooms a thousand times before. There was a raucous through-the-wall heater, which would be too noisy to sleep with, which would save the owner money on electricity. There were low-watt bulbs in all the fi xtures, likewise. There was a low-pile carpet that after cleaning would dry in hours, so the room could rent again the same day. Not that the carpet would be cleaned often. It was dark and patterned and ideal for concealing stains. As was the bedspread. No doubt the shower would be weak and strangled, and the towels thin, and the soap small, and the shampoo cheap. The furniture was made of wood, all dark and bruised, and the television set was small and old, and the curtains were gray with grime.

      All as expected. Nothing he hadn’t seen a thousand times before.

      But still dismal.

      So before even putting the key in his pocket he turned around and went back out to the lot. The air was cold, and a little damp. The middle of the evening, in the middle of winter, in the northeastern corner of Virginia. The lazy Potomac was not far away. Beyond it inthe east, D.C.’s glow lit up the clouds. The nation’s capital, where allkinds of things were going on.

      The car that had let him out was already driving away. Reacher watched its tail lights grow faint in the mist. After a moment they disappeared completely, and the world went quiet and still. Just for a minute. Then another car showed up, brisk and confident, like it knew where it was going. It turned into the lot. It was a plain sedan, dark in color. Almost certainly a government vehicle. It aimed for the motel office, but its headlight beams swung across Reacher’s immobile form, and it changed direction, and came straight at him.

      Visitors. Purpose unknown, but the news would be either good or bad.

You can read the rest of Chapters 1-3 of Never Go Back here.

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