Exciting Excerpt from “The King’s Deception” by Steve Berry

by Country Inns & Suites
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We’re so excited to be partnering with Random House on this year’s titles for our Read It & Return Lending Library! One of the books we’re most excited to see on the shelves of our library this summer is Steve Berry’s The Paris Vendetta.

Berry’s fifth novel in the Cotton Malone Series, The Paris Vendetta thrills readers at every turn with suspense, action, adventure, and, of course, exciting historical details.

Steve Berry titles

In addition to offering this page-turning novel at hotels across the United States and Canada*, we were able to get a sneak peek at Berry’s newest novel, The King’s Deception, which went on sale on June 11. Fans will love this new international adventure, the eighth installment in the Cotton Malone series. Check out this exciting excerpt from the first chapter of The King’s Deception:

Cotton Malone stepped up to the Customs window at Heathrow Airport and presented two passports—his own and his son Gary’s. Positioned between himself and the glass-enclosed counter, however, stood a problem.

Fifteen-year-old Ian Dunne.

“This one doesn’t have a passport,” he told the attendant, then explained who he was and what he was doing. A brief call to somebody led to verbal approval for Ian to reenter the country.

Which didn’t surprise Malone.

He assumed that since the Central Intelligence Agency wanted the boy in England they’d make the necessary arrangements.

He was tired from the long flight, though he’d caught a few hours of sleep. His knee still hurt from the kick Ian had delivered in Atlanta, before trying to flee from that airport. Luckily, his own fifteen-year-old, Gary, had been quick to tackle the pesky Scot before he’d escaped the concourse.

Favors for friends.

Always a problem.

This one for his former boss, Stephanie Nelle, at the Magellan Billet.

Read the rest of Chapter 1 of The King’s Deception now.

Ready to start reading one of Steve Berry’s novels? Look for The Paris Vendetta in our Read It & Return Lending Library on your next visit to a Country Inns & Suites hotel, or purchase The King’s Deception today!

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