Wisconsin Adventures Along the Great River Road

by Country Inns & Suites
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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On the Great River Road, the Mississippi is never far away. Take a drive and you’ll discover the people and places shaped by this mighty waterway. 

Here are some of the sensory experiences that are part of the Great River Road:


In Wyalusing State Park, near Bagley, you can see Native American effigy mounds built in the shapes of animals. You’ll find other archaeological sites located along the Great River Road as well.


In La Crosse from May through late October, you can take a ride on the La Crosse Queen and listen to its paddlewheel churn the waters. Other riverfront towns have similar paddlewheel excursions.


Wisconsin is famous for its cheeses. You can try them just about anywhere, but do sample some after taking a tour of The Original Nelson Cheese Factory in Nelson.


Once the snow flies, try visiting Mount La Crosse for some time on the slopes. You’ll feel the thrill of slicing through the skin-bracing air at high speeds.


Cross the bridge to Red Wing, Minnesota, and stop by Red Wing Pottery to take in the sight, smells and tactile pleasures of a pottery kiln and studio. Red Wing Pottery offers salt-glazed stoneware, as well as Bristol glaze ware. Both are popular with collectors.

 If you’re from outside the United States and visiting less than a year, see if your country has a driving agreement with the United States. In addition to a foreign driver’s license, visitors are advised to carry an international driving permit that must be obtained in their native country prior to arrival. Motorists are encouraged to carry insurance, although Wisconsin does not require it.

Eagle Bluff, near Fountain City, is the highest point on the Mississippi River.