The Winning Essays of the “Why I Love to Read” Essay Promotion

by Country Inns & Suites
Monday, October 21, 2013

Country Inns & Suites By Carlson is excited to announce the winners of the “Why I Love to Read” essay promotion! In celebration of National Literacy Month, Country Inns & Suites partnered with Random House, LLC to offer a fun promotion for young readers and their parents.

boy reading books

To enter, parents asked their young reader why they loved to read, then submitted an essay of up to 400 words that answered that question. Winners were selected at random from three age categories, and each received a library of 52 age-appropriate books from Random House – one for each week of the year. Read each of the winning essays below:

7-9 Age Group – Stacy & Karina H.

Find out why Karina loves to read:

One reason I love to read is that reading is magic. When you read a magical world opens full of magical things. There are dragons and fairies and magical creatures who can disappear and reappear. There are animals that can talk. In one of my favorite books the goldfish could talk. At first, I wasn’t a big reader, because chapter books seemed like they would take too long. Then I saw a really interesting book, but it had forty-seven chapters. I decided to try reading it and it turned out to be the best book I ever read. After that I started reading chapter books with stories about horses, magic, unicorns, and dragons. I also love to read books about crafts to get ideas about things I can make myself. Another reason I love to read is that I get to share the stories with my brother. His name is Spencer, and he is 5 years old. When I read to him he listens and he is learning to read. I like to hear him reading books on his own. My mom is a big reader and she reads with me almost every day, and it gives us time to be together. I like the time we spend together reading. I go to the library sometimes to find books, and have at least 150 books (or more) that I own. I find them at garage sales really cheap. I like reading because it is fun, it teaches me new things, and it gives me time to spend with my family.

10-12 Age Group – Susan & Emily N.

Find out why Emily loves to read:

I love to read because there are a lot of great books and they tell interesting stories. My favorite books are the Percy Jackson books. They are about Greek gods and demi-gods. There are also brave girls in the stories. I also like the Wimpy Kid books because they are funny and about a kid in middle school. We have to read a lot for school but it is not hard to do when the books are interesting. Reading also helps with my spelling. I just started to read longer books this summer. The longer books are really interesting because they tell the most interesting stories. I like to read fiction and non-fiction. The best non-fiction books are about animals. Sometimes I like to read books about magic tricks and science projects. Books with a good story are my favorites to read. When my school has a book fair I like to go and my mom lets me pick out my favorite books. I like to take them home to read right away.

13-16 Age Group – Jeri & Gianna T.

Find out why Gianna loves to read:

I love to read because each book takes me to a different world, a different time, it lets me become somebody or see things through their eyes. I learn things that I never thought I would learn and I get to go places that are totally different from my home. When I’m bored I can read a book and suddenly I’m solving a crime, climbing a mountain that is half a world away, or walking in a city I’ve never been in before. I love to read stories about other kids, and find out how they live, and what it’s like to have a brother instead of sisters. My favorite kinds of books are mysteries and I can become a detective, look for clues, and learn how to solve a crime. I want to be a homicide detective and reading mystery books teaches me what I have to do to solve all kind of crimes, and I think about ways to look at things from a different viewpoint and see things I wouldn’t see ordinarily. I love reading books!

We’d like to thank everyone who entered the “Why I Love to Read” essay promotion; we truly enjoyed reading each essay.

We’re excited to be able to donate Random House books to First Book, a non-profit organization that is committed to helping children achieve more in school.  In addition to celebrating National Literacy Month in September, Country Inns & Suites has an ongoing commitment to literacy. Each of our hotels in the United States and Canada is proud to offer a Read It & Return Lending LibrarySM filled with Random House books for all of our guests to enjoy. Don’t forget to borrow a book for yourself or your children during your next stay!