Top 10 Signs You Need A Vacation

by Country Inns & Suites
Friday, July 10, 2009

stressed2 Pulling your hair out?  Desk piled with papers?  High heels in the fridge and milk in the closet?  Those are probably all signs that it’s time for you to indulge in a relaxing get-away.  Luckily, there’s still time — if you find yourself in any of the situations below, it’s probably time to take advantage of our Sweet Deal or hot weekend offers. 

1) You don’t remember the last time you had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but are pretty sure you’re averaging 30 hours a week.

2) Your dog gets walked more than you do – by a professional – which costs more than your car payment.

3) There’s a high heel in the fridge, and a carton of milk in your closet.

4) You’re ingesting more coffee than water, but still can’t keep your eyes open.  (Note to self: consider propping up with toothpicks.)

5) One of your basic meal groups is cardboard — that’s what takeout containers are made from, right?

6) Your family & friends only know what’s going on with you because they follow you on Twitter and are friends with you on Facebook.  Your status updates have become legendary, and you only speak in 140-character-or-less statements.

7) You have no idea what the weather is like, and haven’t for weeks — we could be hurtling through Kansas for all you know.

8) #7 actually sounds like a vacation, compared to your work routine lately.

9) You only stop at the gym because it’s on the way to work, and has a coffee shop inside the front door — hey, all you have to do is scan your membership card, and your insurance thinks you’ve been there for a workout.  Impressive — you’ve been there EVERY DAY for the past month (sidenote: the reason you need to stop there and fill up your Big Gulp of coffee is because you haven’t grocery shopped in weeks.  See #5 for reference).

10) The lady at your favorite take-out sushi joint knows you by name — and your credit card number (and order) by heart.


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